Top 10 Cat-Friendly Products for a Happy and Contented Kitty


As a pet lover and owner, you should know that you need very few necessities for their upkeep. But to make them feel at home, you must understand what things and toys make them happy. With just a few things, you can make your home a fun place for them while keeping the upkeep as little as possible.


1.A Scratching and Play Post

These things are cheap to get having a few platforms for the cat to jump around or lie down on. The post holding these platforms is made of rope or some other material that the cat can scratch on. Scratching posts is essential if you don't provide them one; they will instead sharpen their nails on your couch, carpet, and even the expensive leather furniture.

Typical ones come with a string and ball attached so the cats can have at it their primal playfulness. If you get a bigger one, you can put their sleeping mat or cushion when they want to relax and sleep.

2.Litter Box They Love

Cats have to poop sometimes or more than once if you feed them more than they need. You need to keep opening the door for them to go outside to do it as all they do is meow which doesn't tell what they want. Keeping a litter box inside will allow them to defecate inside when needed and you are preoccupied. 

You can go for typical ones or find online tons of great options. Many are easier to manage and clean with removable sides and scoops that fit to be accessible. We recommend keeping a separate litter box if you have more than one cat.

You can also find automatic or robotic litter boxes that have sensors to detect when your cat is pooping or when to clean. These connect to apps to let you know their habits and empty the litter when needed.

3.Self-Groomer Brush For Cats

You may only sometimes have time to brush your cat and clean all their hair daily. Get one that attaches to a corner of the wall or door with bristles. Your cat will have a place to scratch its body, and it will collect any loose hair. You will kill two birds with one stone with this.

4.Grow a Patch of Grass

You must wonder why it is essential or how it makes your cat comfortable. Cats instinctively nibble at grass or green plants whenever they have digestion issues. If you live in an area where grass or greenery is abundant, you are good. But it is essential if you live in an apartment and need more ready access.

You can't take your cat out daily because they need to eat grass. So utilizing a grass patch that can grow inside will always be there when they need it.

5.Slow Feeder Mats or Automatic Dispenser

Slow feeder mats are designed to make your cat work for food, and they won't just gobble up all you put there. It is not suitable for their digestion if they eat more than needed. Getting these mats is the cheaper option.

But if you think they create a mess, then regular bowls or an automatic dispenser can do the trick. With these dispensers, you have to train them initially, but they learn quickly when it comes to food.


6.Automatic Toys for Cats

You can find plenty online like these; they work on batteries while keeping your cats occupied. Most have tails and feathers attached to them, and they can roll on wheels. These toys move semi-erratic to keep the cat interested and entertained while you are busy doing something else.

7.A Perch or Place to Gaze Outside

Cats are curious beings and love being outdoors in nature. But they also love being pampered and inside, with safety and a cozy place to live. So, if you already don't have a window sill big enough for them, install one so they can sit there and gaze outside. They are just pondering the nature of this life. 

These perches come in various shapes and sizes; some can be attached directly to your windows using suction caps.

8.A Purring Companion

If you are not working from home or have someone there all day, cats experience anxiety or loneliness even if they can say it. So if they don't have a companion, this touch-activated electronic toy works wonders. All they need to do is touch or knead on it, and it will activate. It creates soothing noise and vibrations like a real cat as if it is purring.

This works exceptionally well for new cats who have been moved away from their mothers or recently lost a partner—a fantastic piece of electronics for a low price.

9.A Good and Portable Carpet Cleaner

It is common for cats to throw up now and then and regularly a furball. Furthermore, when cats cant properly clean after they have had a poop, some get stuck. It can be difficult for them to wear off, so they may dirty your room if it still needs to dry. 

So keeping a carpet/sofa cleaner at hand and a vacuum cleaner are good options. Trust us; it will save you time and effort instead of cleaning it up yourself.

10.Entertainment and Sleep in a Tunnel Bed

We are sure this is the first time you have heard of this amazing invention. Cats love entering holes and places they find interest in and sleeping in them. These cushion cum tunnels have one entry point and a full-circle tunnel. Cats can play around, sleep or hide from prying eyes. Right in the middle is a soft, cozy bed where they can sleep out in the open when they feel like it.

Ending Thoughts

While most things on this list are for entertainment and fun, please remember your cats need your attention and love too. Take out time daily and engage in these activities with them for their best health.