Best Parenting Apps for Maternal Support


Becoming a parent is a profound and transformative experience with unique challenges. For mothers, in particular, the pregnancy and motherhood journey can be both exciting and overwhelming. Fortunately, in this digital age, many parenting apps are designed to provide maternal support and make this journey smoother. In this article, we'll explore the best parenting apps that offer invaluable support and guidance to mothers at every stage of their motherhood journey.

The Bump:

The Bump is a comprehensive app that is a one-stop solution for all your pregnancy and parenting needs, guiding you from conception to your baby's first steps. It offers detailed week-by-week updates on your pregnancy, articles penned by experts, and a supportive community of parents. 

A standout feature is the 3D interactive visualization that lets you witness your baby's development in real-time. Additionally, The Bump equips you with tools to monitor your pregnancy symptoms and manage your to-do list, ensuring you're well-prepared for the arrival of your little one.


Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker:

Ovia Pregnancy & Baby Tracker is a comprehensive app for expectant mothers. It offers a personalized pregnancy tracking experience, daily articles, and expert advice tailored to your needs. What distinguishes Ovia is its data-driven approach. 

It provides valuable insights into your pregnancy by analyzing your symptoms and health data. The app also boasts various features, including kick counters, contraction timers, and a baby name generator.

Glow Nurture Pregnancy Tracker:

Glow Nurture is an exceptional pregnancy tracking app that offers more than just basic features. It provides daily articles and health tips tailored to your needs, tracks your symptoms, and even helps you remember critical prenatal appointments. 

What sets it apart is the "Baby Size Visualizer," a unique feature that compares your baby's size to everyday objects, making it easier for you to understand your baby's growth. Glow Nurture boasts a lively community of mothers, allowing you to connect with others experiencing the same journey.


BabyCenter is a trusted resource for parents, and their app extends their wealth of knowledge. This app offers many features, including week-by-week pregnancy updates, a due date calculator, and a baby names database. What sets BabyCenter apart is its extensive library of articles, videos, and expert advice on various parenting topics. You can also join birth clubs and connect with other expecting parents at the same time as you.


While not strictly a pregnancy or baby-tracking app, Peanut is an essential social networking app for mothers. It connects you with other moms in your area or with similar interests and due dates, allowing you to build a supportive network of friends who understand the challenges and joys of motherhood.

Peanut offers a platform to ask questions, share advice, and find local events or meetups for moms. The app focuses on building a solid community of women who can provide emotional support during pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnancy & Baby by What to Expect:

"What to Expect" is a well-known brand in pregnancy and parenting. Their application, "Pregnancy & Baby," is a reliable guide for mothers-to-be. It offers tailored updates on a daily and weekly basis throughout your pregnancy journey, complemented by expert insights and informative articles. A unique feature of this app is the "Baby Kick Tracker," which allows you to keep track of your baby's movements, offering reassurance during your pregnancy.


Staying healthy and maintaining a balanced diet is crucial during pregnancy, and MyFitnessPal can be an excellent tool for this purpose. MyFitnessPal, while not strictly a pregnant app, allows you to track your food intake and overall wellness. You can set customized goals for weight gain during pregnancy and monitor your progress. This app is a great way to ensure you get the nutrition you and your baby need.


Sprout Pregnancy:

Sprout Pregnancy is a visually captivating application with intricate 3D images showcasing your baby's growth. It features a thorough timeline of your pregnancy journey, filled with insights on fetal development, prenatal tests, and common pregnancy symptoms.

 An added feature of this app is the ability to create a personalized pregnancy journal. This allows you to chronicle your one-of-a-kind journey and share these priceless moments with your loved ones.

Mama Natural Pregnancy & Baby:

For mothers who prefer a more natural approach to pregnancy and parenting, Mama Natural Pregnancy & Baby is an excellent choice. This app provides information on natural birth, holistic remedies, and nutrition during pregnancy. It offers a week-by-week guide, videos, and articles on natural childbirth, breastfeeding, and baby care. Mama Natural empowers mothers to make informed decisions aligned with their values.


Once your little one enters the world, their growth and development become paramount. BabySparks is a dedicated parenting app emphasizing early childhood development through interactive play. It provides a range of personalized activities and exercises specifically designed to support your baby's developmental milestones. 

The app offers daily playtime suggestions tailored to your baby's age and developmental stage, ensuring you actively participate in their learning and motor skills development.


Although not a typical parenting application, calmness is indispensable for new mothers navigating the unavoidable stress and restless nights accompanying motherhood. It provides various resources, including guided meditations, sleep-inducing stories, and relaxation exercises designed to help manage stress levels and enhance sleep quality. 

As a new mother, prioritizing your mental and emotional health is vital, and Calm can be a significant component in your self-care arsenal.


Embarking on the journey of motherhood is a beautiful experience filled with joy, challenges, and countless learning opportunities. In this digital age, parenting apps are your companions, offering guidance, support, and a sense of community throughout your pregnancy and even after. 

These apps cater to every maternal need, whether tracking your baby's growth, seeking expert advice, or finding a moment of tranquility amidst the whirlwind of motherhood. They empower you, making the incredible journey into motherhood less daunting. A wealth of information and assistance is at your fingertips, only a tap away.