Best Hamster Cage for Happy and Healthy Pets


Hamsters are known to be one of the best first pets for kids. Their friendly nature, admirable moves, and cute looks, everything can be accounted to answer your curiosity-filled why. However, to make the most of keeping these animals as pets, you must pay attention to their basic needs, overall health, hygiene, and grooming. A hamster cage is one of the most important things to own as a hamster pet owner. So, making an informed purchase decision for your pet hamster's cage is crucial.

Dive into this article to explore the instincts of a hamster and how its specific needs are to be catered to. In it, we will unfold the enrichment needs to provide your hamster with a happy and healthy environment. Hamsters are highly active, so every detail must be meticulously observed. Let’s hop on below to get started!


What To Look for When Buying the Hamster Cage?

Hamsters are excellent animals to pet for any age group. They have a few tendencies that need to be considered. They are spotless animals who need larger, cleaner spaces around them to satisfy their digging, burrowing, and climbing instinct.

This section highlights everything required, from ventilation to food. Hop on below to look at the consideration you should make before acquiring a cozy home place for your pet friend.

1.    Cage Size

Hamsters are very agile and need more significant areas to use their energy. The exact size of the cage that needs to be bought for the hamster is controversial. Yet according to the available research, it is recommended that it should be as big as 5000cm square. Whether your pet is a Syrian hamster or a Dwarf hamster, it requires ample space to showcase its playful side, enhance its abilities, and make the most of the enrichments around them.

2.    Bar Spacing

Bar Spacing is the spacing between the two bars of the cage. Hamsters are tiny creatures that can escape their cages from these bar spacings. However, to prevent them from doing so, you should consider the following points:

·      When buying a wiring cage for your beloved Syrian hamster, ensure bar spacing is no more than ½ inches.

·      On the other hand, if you are buying the cage for a dwarf hamster, the space should be ¼ inches or lesser.

3.    Proper Bedding

The base of a hamster's cage is essential as it needs to be profound. Hamsters have a habit of digging and building caves, requiring thick beddings. A Syrian hamster's ideal bedding should be about 12 inches, while that of a Dwarf hamster can fall somewhere between 10 inches.

4.    Nesting Materials

Provide your hamster with suitable nesting materials, letting them build a nest. You must ensure the cage has a nest box, shredded tissues, or plain paper towels. Be careful with what you place in the cage; the equipment must be sanitized.

5.    Cage Enrichment

No doubt, a hamster feels happiest in an expansive cage, but all the expansiveness goes in vain if not accompanied by necessary enrichment supplies. To satisfy a hamster: toys, deep bases, tunnels, nests, large wheels, water bowls, and food bowls are required. Hence, a cage that can fit all of this must be bought.

6.    A Large Wheel

Hamsters are used to running miles in their natural habitat. However, a large wheel is out in their cages to give off a natural vibe. When buying the cage, ensure that it can fit a long wheel since minor wheel cause discomfort to hamsters. Syrian Hamsters and Dwarf hamsters demand a 12 and 10-inch diameter wheel, respectively.

7.    Food And Water Bowls


A hamster drinks water and eats food for survival, which is why water and food bowls are used. Take care that the cage has some proper place for these bowls. Another feeding option is scattered food feeding. However, whatever method you opt for, get a cage accordingly.

8.    Cleanliness Of the Cage

Hamsters tend to live in a clean and dry environment; subsequently, they should be spotless. Equip the cage with materials that are easy to clean to provide a hygienic environment for your hamster as they prefer it.

A Few Best Hamster Cage Suggestions

After getting familiar with all the requirements of the hamster, an acceptable cage needs to be bought. We have shortlisted a few options for you to make your job easier.

·     Wooden Cages

You can order spacious wooden cages with solid constructions to keep your hamsters. Some wooden cages examples are the Niteangel Vista Hamster Cage and Nightangel Bigger World. Both of the cages have a variety of sizes and are running products in the market. They are built favorably for a hamster to thrive.

Materials that are used are wood and glass, along with PVC boards. The boards prevent pee and water from soaking in the wood. You can order it from Amazon or Alternatively, consider Kaiyopop’s cages for hamsters.

·     Glass Cages

Secondly, we have glass cages. They are enormous, with proper air circulation and 0.6cm spacing to avoid escape. The bottom drawer is sturdy and durable, so its leak proof and comfortable to clean. They promise you high quality, and the most significant feature is that they are odorless. Alternatively, you can treat aquariums as glass cages too. Both of these are easily available at Amazon.

·     Bin Cages

Bin cages are made for storage bins and are highly economical. You can use them to curate a place for your hamster to live. As discussed above, a vast bin cage can be bought to assemble all the hamster's required enrichments. Make cuttings and then cover them with mesh to manage proper airflow. Another advantage of a bin cage is better visibility.

·     Wire Cages

They are also an excellent option for housing hamsters due to their ventilation and visibility. You can order ROBUD cages from Amazon with seven accessories for the hamster. It's suitable for both Dwarf and Chinese hamsters.


Review all of these possibilities before finalizing a decision to choose a cage. Your pet's well-being should be your priority, so you should be cautious and ensure all the considerations when finding a home place. From toys to food, everything needs to be perfect to impart your pet with a hale and hearty environment.